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Here’s Why Hikers And Backpackers Love Their "Ever-Dry" Trail Towel!
  • A Backpacker’s Sidekick: The “Sweat Grabber” is a 15.74-inch x 15.74-inch superfine polyester towel that’s designed to be t-h-e sidekick for hikers, helping wipe the sweat off the forehead on challenging hikes and dry up gear when moisture gets in the way! 
  • Superfine Polyester Material: With similar absorption and drying properties to microfiber, superfine polyester is known for it’s super delicate (almost silk-like) touch, softer texture and often lower weight. (So the hiker won’t even feel it’s there, even if it’s put around the neck!) 
  • Quick To Dry, Super-Soaking: The towel is super absorbent, able to soak up a lot of moisture or sweat and dries up quickly so it can be used multiple times in the span of just a couple of minutes! 
  • Delicate To The Hiker’s (Or Backpacker’s) Skin: The material has a fine and delicate texture that’s smooth and soft to the touch (and is skin-safe), so it’s perfect for hikers with both “tough” and sensitive skin. 
  • ​Super Compact And Lightweight Case: Designed to be the outdoorsman’s best friend, this towel comes in a super lightweight and compact case (2.7*1.9*1.5in in size, 1.3oz) so it doesn’t add a lot of hefty weight to the (already heavy) backpack or pouch!
  • 100% No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee: If the "Ever-Dry" Trail Towel isn’t everything you’re hoping for, just send it back within 60 days for a FULL refund!
Here’s What Hikers And Backpackers Are Saying About Their Trail Towel!
“Best travel towel ever! I hate some of the microfiber material that is out there but this one is so soft I absolutely love it. It’s my go-to hike and travel rag!”

“Loved this!! I bought it for a backpacking trip through Italy summer of 2019 and used it ever since.”

“I have long hair and this was effective at soaking up the accumulated sweat on my head. Highly recommend this product. I did not get it for free, and I would still buy it again”

“Bought this towel in order to bring it on my travels to Costa Rica where there is very high humidity and rain. It was the perfect towel for this purpose because even with the humidity I was able to dry it relatively quickly. It’s also very compact which is helpful for packing and when bringing it on the long hiking trails when we often had full backpacks.”

“I bought this for traveling and it rolls up so small, dries super fast, doesn't get a smell like some towels do when they are wet, and just works well as a regular towel! Would buy again!”
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